How To Combat The Effects Of DHT

Let’s put a spotlight on this important body hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone responsible for body hair growth! The proteins around your follicles allow testosterone and DHT to bind to them, which is what results in natural hormonal processes such as body hair growth. However, this becomes a problem when DHT binds to the proteins and clings on for too long, suffocating your follicles and making the growing hair much weaker on output! It’s the biggest natural culprit to hair loss and baldness when left unchecked. Balancing out its production and countering its effects will surely clear the way for your hair growth and lasting scalp health. We analyze what natural ingredients you can turn to for support when it comes to combating DHT!


Although it’s a necessity for overall body development and body hair growth, DHT in adults is incredibly detrimental to the progression and growth of head hair. How? It works its way up to the scalp then surrounds & minimizes the hair follicles! This hormone is much stronger than regular testosterone, which is why it can cling onto the hair follicles’ surrounding proteins for much longer, affecting hair development. It suffocates your hair at the roots, speeding up hair fall by shrinking your follicle, and slowing down hair growth by limiting the strand’s access to the nutrients your follicle is meant to produce. Luckily, there are ways to block DHT: natural ingredients that prevent DHT from clinging onto your follicles while stimulating hair growth.


This important vitamin, also known as Vitamin H, boosts keratin which is an important protein found in your nails, skin, and of course your hair!
→ Actively helps your hair regrow
→ Slows down hair fall
→ Directly counters the effects of DHT
→ Found in foods such as egg yolks, nuts, and whole grains
Similar to scalp massages, Vitamin B works to improve your blood flow towards your scalp follicles.
→ Supports your hair growth
→ Improves hair density
→ Strengthens new strands as they emerge
This effective DHT blocker has already been proven to solve male pattern baldness by increasing hair count!
→ Actively blocks the enzyme responsible for converting regular testosterone into DHT →  Less DHT means less follicle miniaturization
→ Lets your hairs grow out + receive their proper nutrients
Here are weekly habits you can keep in mind to further counter DHT effects!
→ Gets rid of dirt buildup
→ Keeps your scalp nourished
→ Stimulates circulation

Similar to Vitamin B, massaging your scalp with a leave-in like the Rosemary Scalp Treatment will both nourish your strands + encourage regular hair growth by improving blood circulation to your scalp!

Massaging your scalp also helps with:
→ Naturally clearing away the flakes + buildup
→  Cleanses surface to make way for product application
→ Improves absorption of the nutrient-packed treatment to nurture your follicles

For our recommendation, you can find these DHT-blocking oils packed into our Rose Hair Elixir + Rosemary Scalp Treatment along with more herbal ingredients that work to strengthen your strands + revitalize overall hair health!
Both of these products can be found in our Long Hair Bundle. If your hair is suffering from DHT effects such as thinning, dryness and increased hair fall, incorporating products that nourish your follicles, seal in moisture and heal your hair shafts’ structure is a must in your hair care routine.

As we know, hair loss has a large impact on our confidence and this can reflect in our health. Taking great and thorough care of your hair when it’s weakened will be rewarding when it’s revitalized, shiny, smooth, and strong! Nothing can top the results when going natural with oils, herbs, and nutrients that your hair and scalp will happily accept and absorb. But don’t forget – when you support your hair with natural products, consistency is key. This way, your hair and scalp will surely thrive!

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