How Stress Leads To Hair Loss

Not every cause of hair loss is tangible – your body health can affect your hair too! When you’re experiencing chronic stress, your hair growth becomes impaired as a result. It’s not just from any stress – it’s from extreme or prolonged stressful events such as: loss of a loved one, loss of employment, COVID or any extreme illness, etc. Hair loss caused by stress is a result of your body shifting its focus on only your survival so you make it through such a tumultuous time. See below how this process affects your follicles!


Severe and prolonged stress forces your body to go into survival mode. This results in overproducing cortisol, your body’s built-in alarm system that tells your body to run on high alert! Unfortunately, this means your body abandons non-essential functions, such as regenerating follicles, in order to make it through the stress. When your hair growth takes a back seat, they’re forced into a resting phase and no longer regrow!

Commonly, your follicles regenerate their cells to grow fresh hair. After growing over the course of 3 months, your hair finishes + enters a resting phase when it is ready to shed and make way for new growth. On average, only 10-15% of your hair enters the resting phase at the same time. However, severe stress cuts your strands’ journeys short by starting the resting phase prematurely. This results in an excess amount of hair shedding in 3 months than expected. Depending on the way your body responds to stress, it could result to 3 hair loss issues:

This hair loss condition is a result of a large amount of your follicles going into premature resting phase. In this phase, your hair stops growing and is waiting to shed. After the stressful event has passed, this is when all your hairs shed at once, resulting in clumps of hair falling out during brushing or washing. See Rita’s recovery from Telogen Effluvium.
This condition is connected with anxiety responses to the stressful event. Trichotillomania is the irresistible urge to pluck hairs out, such as your eyebrows, eyelashes, scalp hairs, etc. This is a coping mechanism for stress, tension, frustration and anxiety-related reactions. However, this may continue even after the stressful event has passed.
This hair loss cause comes as a result of when your body’s immune system attacks your follicles. Unfortunately, this can occur from many possible causes, one of them being severe stress.


It’s easy to become discouraged from the loss. However, shift our own focus instead on improving what’s to come! It’s the best time to ensure your future hair growth will be strong + nourished by upgrading your hair care + self care. Focus your routines towards enhancing the nutrients your body receives, in order to strengthen your durability + longevity. The stronger your hair, the stronger its retention – directly combating premature shedding!
Growth starts with your scalp, which is why directly supporting your follicles is the best way to get your hair regrowth going. Important practices such as scalp massages, scalp treatments and gentle cleaning will do wonders for your recovering follicles. In the same way you must take care of yourself over time to recover from the stress, don’t forget to ease your scalp back into its best state as well.

Moving forward, the best thing we can take from the experience is what we can do to make coping easier. See what mindful practices work best for you and your lifestyle, in order to combat high levels of stress when you feel it creeping in! See some mindful practices below.

Get your body moving to release tension + promote endorphins!
Talk to a professional
Verbal release can make it easier to let go of the intangible burdens and relieve internal pressure.
Diet + Nutrition
Spoil yourself with healthy, energizing + nourishing foods and vitamins! When your body is at its best, your hair will be too. Click here to read more!
Be Gentle
As you + your scalp recover, be gentle in the process! Take your time massaging your scalp, handle it gently + treat your hair with care. This means easing up on aggressive habits such as styling, towel drying and tight hairstyles.


Built with nourishing herbs and oils, our 
Rosemary Scalp Treatment gently restores your follicles and strengthens new hair growth. With weekly use, this lightweight oil will hydrate your scalp to combat breakage + hair thinning. It strengthens your existing follicles to improve hair retention, and reactivates resting follicles to increase overall hair count! On a molecular level, this herbal blend combats the DHT hormone responsible for inhibiting hair growth + miniaturizing follicles. As it prevents DHT from overproducing and latching onto your follicles, our Rosemary Scalp Treatment directly improves hair anchoring + nourishment, impacting its thickness and overall density. Make your regrowth even better than before with this gentle oil formulation!

Read more of our haircare tips here!
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