It's no secret that nature is the best healer. The herbs & oils found on our Mother Earth have incredible healing powers. 

Humans have been using their intelligence to cut costs by replicating nature’s power with synthetics. Extracting natural ingredients is costly + laborious, which is why it’s no surprise we instead try to mimic nature's power in an artificial lab without ever considering the side effects. It’s time to question why do this and get back to our innate ways. 

Our products are formulated with one thing in mind: to bring you back to nature.


It is our driving force that we’re obsessed with herbs and oils, including as many as we possibly can in our formulations. Conventional beauty products pride themselves on having 1-2 key ingredients – we have dozens of key ingredients in every single formula. We harness all that nature has to offer with each creation, resulting in extremely powerful products.


1. We formulate our own products.
We do not purchase our formulas from third-party labs. This process often includes only a few ingredients of your choice, but must contain their own base formula with multiple fillers. We do not compromise the quality of our formulations, and sought to create them ourselves. This is how we are able to create such innovative, powerful and unique products.

2. We purchase raw materials to work with.
We have a close relationship with our raw material suppliers and handle our own sourcing of pure ingredients. Our long-term company goal is to purchase a farm for us to grow the herbs we use in our products. With over 200+ unique raw materials in our inventory, our pure dedication to track + manage every single one is what truly sets us apart.

3. We manufacture our own products.
Our ability to manufacture in-house is key in providing you with such powerful formulas. Our formulas require custom-made machines and filling procedures due to the high amount of herbs and oils they contain. With our special machinery to handle these raw materials, you receive incredibly concentrated products you can’t find anywhere else.

4. Our products are made in small batches.
Brands often purchase products in bulk from third-party manufacturers, and store it in their warehouse for years. We create fresh batches every 2-3 weeks. We create just enough that our products often sell out within this time frame, and we mix fresh batches regularly. With this process, we guarantee the product you receive will always be as fresh as possible.

5. We do everything in-house.
From formulation, order fulfillments and customer services to marketing and photography. Every step in the process is fulfilled with our small and mighty in-house team.

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