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The Innate Life Derma Roller is your new best friend for reviving your scalp and hair follicles. It contains 540 high strength medical grade titanium needles to activate damaged or dormant hair follicles, maximize absorption of scalp treatments, and encourage new & fuller hair growth.

  • 540 high strength titanium micro needles
  • Medical grade
  • 0.5mm needles
  • Activates damaged or dormant hair follicles
  • Maximizes absorption of scalp treatments
  • Encourages new & fuller hair growth

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Microneedling is a method for creating small entry points, known as microwounds, across your scalp with the use of needles at the length of 0.5mm or more. Microneedling encourages the wound healing process to reactivate follicles for improved hair growth & quality, and increases effective absorption of hair treatments [1,2,3].

  • Activates damaged or dormant hair follicles. Hair growth goes through 3 phases: anagen (hair growth), catagen (follicle shrinkage), and telogen (hair fall) [4]. Microwounds activate the epidermal stem cells and wound healing process for follicles in the telogen phase [5,6]. This induces regeneration and helps damaged or dormant follicles re-enter the anagen phase, re-activating hair growth.

  • Maximizes absorption of scalp treatments. Microwounds increase permeability for reliable & consistent absorption of scalp treatments, compared to oral medications. Direct absorption avoids the need for digestion, which degrades the effectiveness of treatments [2,3]. 

  • Encourages new & fuller hair growth. Microneedling triggers revascularization of the skin to bring nourishment to the follicles, induce stem cells for repair by causing micro wounds [7,8]. The microwounds will function as vasodilators - reactivating and reopening the follicles’ access to receive nourishment, proteins, and nutrients from the body [9].

In patients with Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA), the affected hair follicles are shrinking, resulting in shorter, weaker strands similar to the invisible hair strands on the body. The follicles have a shorter growth phase, and become more sensitive to DHT that blocks proteins & suffocates the follicle. This leads to reduced hair density in affected areas [13]. 

Microneedling activates the Dermal Papilla (DP) cells and epidermal stem cells by creating microwounds. The dermal papilla (DP), a cluster of specialized fibroblasts, regulate the growth and activity of the various cells in the follicle, thereby playing a key role in the regulation of hair cycling and growth [10]. Hair follicle regeneration begins when signals from the DP cells reach the epidermal stem cells that are responsible for wound repair [7]. 

Based on a study of microneedling with shaved mice, the reactivation of hair follicles will result in hair growth, with or without application of hair treatments after microneedling [6,11,12]. This study also indicates that micro needling therapy using a derma roller is an effective hair growth treatment.



Spray rubbing alcohol or sanitizing cleaner on the roller head before use and allow it to dry. Apply light pressure and roll gently on the dry scalp. Roll 5-10 times back and forth on troubled areas or full scalp, at least once a week. Apply your scalp treatment(s) on the full scalp after rolling for maximum absorption. Sanitize the roller head and store the derma roller in the storage container when not in use. Replace every 3-6 months or when needles feel blunt.


  • Before use, we recommend spraying rubbing alcohol or a sanitizing cleaner on the roller head and allowing it to dry.
  • After use, sanitize the roller head and store the derma roller in the storage container.
  • We advise using our derma roller on a clean scalp. If your scalp is not freshly clean, we recommend using a damp cotton pad with soapy water or shampoo, lightly dab along your scalp line to clean away oils and buildup, then gently use the Derma Roller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I use it?
We recommend using it only 1-2 times a week, to give your scalp skin time to heal and recover between applications. During use, we recommend rolling it back and forth at least 5-10 times per scalp line to reap the hair growth benefits.

When do I use it?
We recommend using it pre-wash on a clean scalp, before applying Scalp Treatments. Microneedles increase the scalp’s absorption and work best before applying, to increase the treatments' benefits.

Does your scalp have to be clean before use?
Yes, we recommend having a clean scalp before use. We define a clean scalp as one without heavy product buildup, flakes, dandruff or skin irritations. A clean scalp doesn't necessarily mean a washed scalp, as this product should be used pre-wash. It refers to a scalp that does not have debris present; this is to prevent distributing the debris across your scalp during use. We recommend cleaning your scalp lines with a damp cotton pad before use if this is the case for you.

What are the microneedles made of?
Its microneedles are made of medical grade titanium microneedles. Titanium is known to be a durable and strong alloy. This ensures it will last longer, not blunt as quickly, and stay sharper for longer. Strength & durability is especially important for the longevity of smaller sized microneedles.

Does this cut or break my hair?
No, it will not cut or break your hair. Even with direct contact, the 0.5mm microneedles are too small to break hair. Proper application is parting your hair + rolling the microneedles along the scalp line to avoid hair getting tugged on during use.

Does it hurt to use it?
No, it does not hurt to use it. Its 0.5mm microneedles are too small to create any lesions, especially when applying with light pressure.

How do I clean it?
We recommend cleaning it with a sanitizing cleaner or alcohol on the roller head and allowing it to air dry before use. Sanitize the head of our Derma Roller before + after use to prevent lingering dust or bacteria from irritating or making contact with your scalp.

Is this safe for people with a metal allergy?
Yes, it is safe to use unless you have a titanium allergy.



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Results may vary with every individual. For best results, consistency is required when using the product. We do not recommend this product for use on your face. We do not recommend this tool for use on highly problematic scalps/skin irritations (such as eczema or psoriasis) due to their increased sensitivity and risk of further irritation.
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