3 Main Causes Of A Problem Scalp

Whether your scalp seems greasy or dry, getting to the bottom of the cause is the first step towards an effective solution. After all, the goal is to have a healthy scalp to achieve healthy hair! With all the issues that can affect your scalp’s health, we narrowed down what makes a problem scalp – and what you can do about it.


There can be many reasons for buildup:
From products you use
Your scalp shedding dead skin
Overproduction of oils
Environmental dirt or fungus

This can lead to scalp issues like dandruff, or the more severe Seborrheic Dermatitis. If your head is itchy, red, or inflamed, chances are there’s some dead weight sitting on your scalp skin, just waiting to be cleansed away!
Infections can come from two things:
Scalp’s prolonged exposure to unhygienic tools/products
Touching your scalp too much
Not washing enough
Scratching your scalp often

Especially with itching your scalp, this creates microlesions that are open to bacteria. Infections are caused by bacteria that can come from shaving, applying makeup or irritant products! An example of a scalp infection is folliculitis, where your follicles are inflamed and your scalp has small pimples.
In some cases, an underlying medical condition such as Psoriasis may always come with a problem scalp. Alongside your recommended medication, the best you can do for your scalp is to soothe the side effects and nourish your hair growth as best you can.


Here’s how having powerful scalp care can heal each issue! Although you cannot permanently remove medical conditions that irritate your scalp, scalp care can largely contribute to soothing their effects.

For cleansing your scalp during wash days, we recommend our Clarifying Herbal Shampoo. Clarifiers are powerful in cleansing away the buildup surrounding and suffocating your follicles, no matter where the buildup came from. Avoiding the buildup from staying on your scalp too long will do wonders for your inflamed and itchy areas. With a clean scalp, your skin will have the proper conditions to heal irritations and support healthy hair growth. However, due to the clarifying power, it’s best to avoid washing your scalp frequently with this shampoo so as to prevent overwashing or overdrying your scalp skin. To keep it effective, only clarify your scalp around twice a week to give your scalp’s natural oils a chance to keep it moisturized until then! After all, the goal is to help your scalp learn to naturally fight against irritations as well.
Most causes of problem scalps are the imbalance of its oil production – whether it’s producing too much or too little. Your scalp may be too dry or too greasy as a result, irritating & inflaming your skin further. The priority in this case is keeping your scalp skin soothed and moisturized with external support!

Incorporating a Scalp Treatment once or twice a week moisturizes your scalp’s skin and soothes itchiness. With supporting herbal ingredients & organic oils, your scalp can comfortably produce its natural oils. They will work harmoniously with the organic treatment to soothe & nourish irritated skin! And with proper hydration, you will strengthen your hair growth, nourish your follicles, and calm your scalp issues. Especially with antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory herbs, regularly applying the treatment will soothe inflammation, itchy patches, sores, and any other problem areas.

It’s incredibly easy to neglect your scalp as your focus is primarily on your hair. However, healthy hair can only come from a healthy scalp! Prioritizing your scalp care is the first step to any healthy hair care – and this comes easy with natural ingredients. When you support your scalp & hair with organic herbs and oils free of irritants, your skin and strands will only benefit!

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