Guest Blog: How Natural Products Transformed Brittany's Hair

Guest Blog: How Natural Products Transformed Brittany's Hair 

After experiencing health complications Brittany turned to The Innate Life to save her hair  


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Brittany is an artist and the author of the blog holisticbeautyy. In her blog she discusses topics such as holistic health, yoga, and natural beauty. A more personal blog post explores Brittany’s transition into using natural and non-toxic products, and how this changed her health and well-being for the better.

Brittany began her natural hair journey after being faced with a number of health issues. Being diagnosed with Graves disease and HyperThyroid caused her to lose a lot of hair.

"If I showered it would come out in clumps. I heard people complain about my hair falling  out..calling it thin and straggly…As a girl, it was depressing..”

Brittany ended up cutting her hair into a short bob and while it took some getting used it, she stayed strong with the support of her husband. In an attempt to grow her hair out Brittany began incorporating oils into her haircare routine. She tried the ever popular Coconut oil and eventually Tea Tree oil and Jojoba oil. While her hair did become softer, she experienced a lot of irritation in her scalp.

I wasn't getting the results I wanted.”


Brittany discovered The Innate Life products while browsing YouTube. It was a video by holistichabits that inspired her to learn more about the company. Wanting to stop using harsh chemicals in her hair she was immediately intrigued by the all-natural products and their listed benefits. Brittany’s husband - knowing how much she loved the company - gave her the Holiday Hair Bundle (including The Rose Hair Elixir, Scalp Treatment, and Herbal Hair Mask) for Christmas and the obsession only grew from there!


The Innate Life products have helped Brittany gain control of her health and self-confidence. She has seen her hair transform from really thin, straight hair to thick and healthy hair. Aside from the physical benefits Brittany says the best part about using the products is knowing that she doesn’t have chemicals in her hair.

I have seen a huge change. I went from really thin straight hair to thick healthy hair. My hair is growing and I don't have to be self conscious of the thinness or scalp showing. It's made my hair brand new in the best natural way possible! And goodbye irritated hairline!


Reading Brittany’s blog you can’t help but get excited about her journey! You get a real sense of appreciation that she has found a routine that aligns with her holistic approach to life. Brittany openly shares her story to help others that may be going through the same problem. She hopes others can find relief in natural products like she did!


“I recommend [these products] to anyone and everyone! Hairloss, irritated scalp, growing hair, split ends, dryness...whatever the problem I recommend The Innate Life! I believe in it that much!”


Thank you Brittany for sharing your story and all your support. At The Innate Life we feel blessed to have such loyal customers, who also share our passion for all things natural! To learn more about Brittany and her story please visit her blog holisticbeautyy.

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