The Best Hair Tutorials on YouTube: Our Top 5

The Best Hair Tutorials on YouTube: Our Top 5

Our Favourite Heatless Hair Tutorials for Long, Short & Curly Hair


It’s no secret we’re obsessed with hair! We’re constantly on the lookout for tips, tricks and tutorials, but in this day and age it’s easy to get lost in the digital clutter. With platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, sifting through videos and photos can be extremely time-consuming and overwhelming.  Search no more ‘cause we’ve compiled our favourite hair tutorials right here! And since we’re all about maintaining our hair health we’ve always had a thing for heatless tutorials. From braids to heatless waves find all our favourites below:


How to: Dutch/French Braid Your Own Hair | Carli Bybel


Any girl who saw Kim K rock these Dutch braids wanted to imitate the style immediately. I know my desire to rock this look quickly faded as I realized I had no idea how-to “dutch” braid. Thank goodness for the internet! One video I found really comprehensive and easy to follow is Carli Bybel’s  ‘How to: Dutch/French Braid Your Own Hair. You may recognize this name because she is huge on YouTube and it’s easy to see why! This video is detailed with helpful tips and tricks along the way.  Carli is just pleasant to watch and really takes her time explaining her method. 


My Everyday Hair: Heatless Wavy Hair |  Vivian V.


Ditching the heat doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your beachy waves. Vivian V. proves that in her My Everyday Hair: Heatless Wavy Hair YouTube tutorial. First of all, this girl is total hair goals. It’s no wonder this video has over 20 million views, but aside from that - this method rocks! Vivian’s technique for twisting her hair is so quick and easy it’s something she uses everyday! The best part is you can let this trick work it’s magic overnight, so you’re ready to go in the morning.


Four Headband Braids | Missy Sue


One look at Missy Sue’s YouTube channel and you’ll know she’s the real deal when it comes to braids. Some of these hair tutorials are very elaborate, but Missy Sue also has a number of hidden gems perfect for beginners. One of her most popular uploads is titled Four Headband Braids and this is a great tutorial for any skill-level. She demonstrates how-to achieve the braided headband look with 4 different types of braids. What is so great about this tutorial is the extreme close-ups she uses as she works her way through each style. It’s easy to see what her hands are doing and follow along.




For those with short hair there are also tons of options for you in the world of YouTube. One of the best we’ve seen is Milabu’s 10 EASY BRAIDS FOR SHORT HAIR TUTORIAL and yes, you read that right – 10 hair styles! This is truly your one-stop shop for braids and Milabu’s quirky personality will keep you lurking her channel long after this video is done.


Natural hair | 10 Bun Styles for Curly Hair | jasmeannnn


Due to the lack of natural hair tutorials on YouTube Jasmine Brown created her Natural hair | 10 Bun Styles for Curly Hair which is another great heatless hair tutorial, but geared towards curly-haired gals. If you’re looking for bun styles with some serious volume this is the video for you. Jasmine also has a wide array of natural hair tutorials on her channel if you’re looking to browse.

So there you have it! Our favourite YouTube hair tutorials that are easy to execute and will save your hair from heat damage. I don't know about you, but after watching these videos I have total confidence I'll beable to master the dutch braid just in time for the weekend. 

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